Negative Effects Associated With Gambling


This is one form of entertainment activity that is loved by many people. It is estimated that over 5.5 million people in the United States are addicted to gambling. To make the matter worse, about three million people of these people are problem gamblers. Addition resulting from gambling is known for having devastating effects on the affected individuals.

Some of the major problems associated with gambling include severe debts, failed relationships and loss of jobs. It is also associated with mental health issues such as social-personality disorders, mood disorders and depressions. The following are the main side effects associated with problem gambling or gambling addiction.

Economic effects

It is estimated that over 5 billion USD are lost to gambling addictions every year. In addition to that, another 40 billion USD are spent on creditor losses and social services. Again, over 60 percent of the gambling addicts are known for engaging in illegal acts such as stealing to support their gambling activities and paying their debts. In general, addiction is one of the activities that have placed severe hardships on public assistance programs, prison systems as well as the legal systems. It can also lead to bankruptcy, check forgery and fraud.debts

Social effects

Gambling is an activity that affects not only the addict but also his or her family. Many challenges are associated why this problem. For instance, some families have received threats from bill collectors and creditors due to these activities. This is something that can lead to psychological and physical abuse amongst the family members. The rate of divorce is also high among addicts. In fact, it stands at 65 %. Families that are paying bills and debts that have resulted from gambling are also faced with stress and anxiety. Over sixty percent of these addicts have families with kids. Their children are likely to suffer in the following ways.

  • Experiencing emotional and physical abandonment
  • They are left in their parent’s cars while the parents are gambling
  • They are mentally and physically abused by their guardians or parents who are addicted to gambling
  • They also have high chances of engaging in gambling activitiesstress

Compulsive gambling

This is also known as gambling addiction. Most of these addicts use their debit and credit cards in aping for their internet or gambling addiction. They have ended up losing their jobs, families or even assets. This is a serious issue that can lead to family issues.